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Health Benefits of Macis | Use as seasoning

What's macis and from where it originate?

Macis (Myristica fragrans) is an oriental aromatic spice that is used in Middle Eastern cuisine. He is also known as – Muscat flower.

Macis is not a special plant, but it is one of the parts of the fruit nutmeg. In fact, when the fruit of nutmeg ripens, makes the inside of the kernel, like peach or apricot, in whose interior is nut. The membrane, which is reticular and bright red color, surrounds the nutmeg, is actually macis.

The membrane, which is reticular and bright red color, surrounds the nutmeg, is actually macis.

It is believed that macis originate from Indonesia, with the end of the 16th century. Through sailors and traders this aromatic spice is spread further to European soil.

Today, the main grower of the macis is Grenada. On the market macis can be rarely finds because it is significantly more expensive compared to nutmeg, and it is always found in powder form.

What is the flavor of macis?

Macis has a somewhat more subtle flavor than nutmeg. Its aroma is warm, fresh and smells like nutmeg, but it has more floral note reminiscent of cloves.

The taste is aromatic, warm but with a final bitter taste.

What is culinary profile of macis?

Macis as aromatic spice is rarely used in cooking because there is a cheaper substitute and that’s nutmeg. Macis is added to dishes to convey its red color.

It can be combined with both sweet and savory dishes and the meat.

Macis is also nice compared with other spices: cardamom, thyme, ginger, cinnamon, cloves, cumin, and pepper.

What are the healing properties of macis?

Macis in China and Indonesia is mainly used for treatment rather than in cooking. It stimulates liver and bile and has positive effect on digestion.

On the other hand, the macis is a spice that warms and increases circulation in the lower parts of the stomach, which stimulates erection in men and brings a longer feeling of satisfaction.

One should be careful with macis and nutmeg in large quantities because it can have hallucinogenic effects and may lead to nerve interference.

The manner of keeping

Be sure to put the macis in a glass jar with a lid. Remove the spice from a bright and air because it rapidly loses its medicinal and aromatic properties.


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